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Snoop Dogg Talks Ending Beef With Eminem Before Their Super Bowl Show

Snoop Dogg in his latest interview opened up…  He talked about losing his mom and his upcoming Big Game halftime performance.  The performance includes Eminem, someone who he has spoken out against and caused an online furor.  Snoop said, Man I love Eminem…we brothers and we family so we learn to appreciate each for what we… Read more »

T.I. and daughter Ajya

T.I. has apologized to his daughter Deyjah Harris for saying he previously verified her virginity at annual gynecologist appointments, but says “Hymen-Gate” was “misconstrued” and “sensationalized.”  All I know is, it had a lot of people upset, and it had to be embarrassing to his beautiful young daughter Deyjah.  I’m glad he did the right… Read more »