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Heather Locklear

Actress Heather Arrested Locklear For Attacking Cop

Actress Heather Locklear arrested for attacking a cop.   Oh lawd, not again.  Heather Locklear is really going through it.  The news comes exactly one week after the Dynasty actress was hospitalized in Thousand Oaks, California, to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. A family member told police on June 17 that Locklear had been acting erratically… Read more »


T.I. Questions Cop About Arrest (Watch)

T.I. questions cop about arrest.  We all know T.I. was arrested for disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.  Now some video has surfaced from TMZ showing T.I. asking the cop why he arrested him.  More details are coming out saying that T.I. called Tiny to let him in the gate, she did, he came in grabbed… Read more »


Black Men Arrested At Starbucks Get Settlement

Black men arrested at Starbucks get settlement.   Yes the two young black men who caused a uproar when they were unjustly arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia recently have received a settlement.  They’ve agreed to settle to a symbolic $1 and a promise from City Officials that they will set up a $200,000 program… Read more »

Dad forgot he put his gun in his son's backpack and it got worse

Dad Forgot He Put His Gun in His Son’s Backpack and it Got Worse

Dad forgot he put his gun in his son’s backpack and it got worse. Ramon Nuiri, 53, remembered where he put his gun but it was too late. His son went to school. So Ramon figured he’d just go down there, get the gun and leave. Nope. But he did get his picture taken. More here.


Columbus Short Gets 1 Year In Jail

Columbus Short gets 1 year in jail.  I am really sorry this happened.  Columbus Short formally of the hit television Scandal is going to jail for several months for hitting his ex wife.  It’s a mess and you have to click below to see what happened.  Columbus is really a very talented man and I… Read more »