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Muhammad Ali Hospitalized With Respiratory Issues

Being from Louisville, this #BeautyShopTalk hits home, no pun! Say a prayer for The Champ, Muhammad Ali!  According to a statement released by his family, the boxing legend has been hospitalized with respiratory issues!! Ali, a fellow Louisville, KY Native, who some consider the Greatest Of All Time, is expected to have what some say is… Read more »

Bobby Brown Does “20/20” Interview With Robin Roberts

When I tell you I ain’t trying to wish my days away… but I can’t wait til Tuesday, June 7th because in #BeautyShopTalk we found out that Bobby Brown will sit down for a one-on-one with the one and only Robin Roberts for an exclusive interview!  He also has a new theory about what happened to… Read more »

Toni Braxton Brings Rumored Bae, Birdman On Stage

Oh Wow~  #BeautyShopTalk just shared the news around the internet is that Toni Braxton is boo’ed up with Birdman!  Looks like those rumors just MIGHT be true because on Thursday night while performing in Atlanta Braxton brought the Cash Money Records CEO out on stage for her fans to take a good look at. There… Read more »

Plano Students Can’t Wear NHS Stoles At Graduation

As a parent, how would you feel if your school told your kid that they couldn’t wear their National Honor Society stole during graduation ceremonies? I would be HOTTER THAN FISH GREASE!  That’s what happened at Plano Senior High School! The school felt like the kids, who were a part of the National Honor Society… Read more »