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Paula Patton

Paula Patton’s Boyfriends Wife Files For Divorce

Paula Patton’s Boyfriends Wife Files For Divorce.   It looks like Paula Patton can have her new man full time now.  Her new boyfriend Realtor Zachary Quittman who is married, may not be that way much longer because his wife Mia has filed for divorce.  After the way they flaunted their relationship in the press,… Read more »


4-Year Old Thought Her Name Was Idiot

She was bruised and abused. And had scars that point to past abuse. Serious abuse. When police got to her they asked her what her name was. She said, “Idiot.” There CANNOT be a plea deal. Read here.


Fantasia Talks About Her Suicide Attempt

Fantasia took a combination of aspirin and sleeping pills. She was unhappy because her relationship with her then married boyfriend Antwuan Cook ended. All this came out last week when Antwuan’s wife, Paula filed for divorce. Read more here.