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Adrienne and Israel

Adrienne Houghton Describes Helping Surrogate Deliver Baby

Adrienne Houghton (Bailon) is sharing what it was like to help her surrogate deliver her son. She said, “My sister filmed it, and when I watched it back, — it’s actually so cringy because you have an out-of-body experience.” She added, “You’re not thinking about, ‘Oh, what do I look like?’ So, when I watched… Read more »

Anita Baker

Anita Baker Thanks Chance The Rapper For Helping Her Acquire Her Masters

Anita Baker says Chance The Rapper helped her buy her masters. Anita Baker thanked Chance The Rapper onstage during a recent engagement. Anita Baker reclaimed her master recordings in September. She celebrated on social media but never disclosed Chance’s help. She posted a photo of her first five albums, The Songstress (1983), Rapture (1986), Giving… Read more »