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50 Cent Apologizes

I told you yesterday about 50 Cent making fun of a young man in Cincinnati that he thought was high. It turned out the young man, 19-year old Andrew Farrell, wasn’t high, he’s mildly autistic and has social anxiety. His family was outraged about Fiddy mocking their son. They wanted an apology and $1 million…. Read more »


That Guy 50 Cent Mocked Wasn’t on Drugs

50 Cent recorded himself at an airport in Cincinnati, mocking a young man who he thought was high. It turns out the young man was autistic. The young man’s parents want Fiddy to donate $1 million to their son’s GoFundMe page or face a lawsuit. I see what 50 Cent did was wrong. But not $1 million… Read more »


50 Cents calls BS on his Africa mansion

Not too long ago, the judge in Fiddy’s bankruptcy case wanted 50 to explain the money he was flashing on Instagram. That were concerned he was hiding assets. 50 Cents has had to humble himself a lot during this bankruptcy process. Now Fiddy has had to admit that the Africa mansion he claimed to have… Read more »