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dr. dre. and nicole young

Judge Removes Dr. Dre Lawyers From His Divorce Proceedings

Dr. Dre and his future ex-wife Nicole Young are going hard in this divorce and it is getting messier and messier.  Now according to Page Six a judge has now ruled celebrity attorney Laura Wasser and Dr. Dre’s other lawyer, Howard King are not allowed to represent  Dr. Dre any longer.  The reason is that… Read more »

Kanye West

Kanye Ask for Joint Custody, No Spousal Support in Divorce

Kanye West has filed a response to Kim Kardashian’s divorce filing, he asked for joint custody of their four children. No spousal support was included in the filing. Kim filed for divorce on February 19th citing “irreconcilable differences,” which is also what Kanye included in his response. Kim also included joint custody in her filing,… Read more »

Dr. Dre. and wife Nicole

Dr. Dre’s Mistresses Ordered Testify in Big Money Divorce

Uh oh. Three of Dr. Dre’s alleged mistresses have been ordered to testify in his divorce case, according to a recent ruling. The three women — Jillian Speer, Kili Anderson and Crystal Rogers (aka Crystal Sierra) — have been fighting to stay out of the bitter divorce case. But Dre’s ex wife, Nicole Young, won… Read more »

Kanye West

Kanye West Hasn’t Filed a Response to Kim Kardashian Divorce

Kanye West has not responded to Kim’s divorce.  Sources say Kanye does not believe Kim is serious.  He knows how Kim is and he knows she does not want to do this.  He sees this as a chess move which is why he hasn’t reacted yet.  Is Kanye holding out false hope?

Gary Owen

Gary Owen Wife Files for Divorce After 18 Years

Certainly didn’t see this one coming.  Gary Owen and his wife Kenya Duke always seemed so happy together, and now according to TMZ Kenya has filed for a divorce.  They have 3 adult children together two sons and a daughter.  No other details have been released as of yet as to what happened. Read more… Read more »