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Anthony Johnson

‘Friday’ Star Anthony Johnson Died from Longtime Drinking

“Friday” star Anthony Johnson died last September and we now know what the cause of death was. According to TMZ, Johnson died due to long-term alcohol use. Johnson’s widow, Lexis, told the medical examiner about his drinking and the autopsy report noted “chronic ethanol use” and the cause of death as being “natural.’ Lexis is now… Read more »

50 Cent

50 Cent Avoids Drinking His Own Champagne

Yes Fiddy says he avoids drinking his own champagne when he is out at clubs promoting it.   He says he doesn’t drink it to keep a clear head.  That’s understandable.  He says when in VIP he will open a bottle, pour everyone a glass, and then have his assistant take the bottle and fill… Read more »


Christmas Weight Gain Could be Prevented by Drinking Coffee

Christmas Weight Gain Could Be Prevented by Drinking Coffee  A new study found that drinking coffee will do more than just wake you up.  Scientists at the University of Illinois say that consuming caffeine can limit weight gain and cholesterol production even while eating a diet high in fat and sugar.  In an experiment with… Read more »

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Not Sober During Night Out With Nene Leakes

Wendy Williams not sober during night out with Nene Leakes.  Uh oh…According to Wendy Williams partying lifestyle may be leading her in the wrong direction.   Sources say when she and Nene hung out at Rick Ross new album release party, she was not sober and a hot mess during the evening.  She has… Read more »