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John Witherspoon revealed why Chris Tucker left Friday

John Witherspoon Revealed Why Chris Tucker Left “Friday”

John Witherspoon revealed why Chris Tucker left “Friday.” DJ Pooh said he and Ice Cube were working on another “Friday” movie. But will Chris Tucker be in this one? Chris Tucker still doesn’t know if he’s going to take part in the movie saying, “I don’t know, I talked to Ice Cube about it.” John Witherspoon spilled… Read more »

Mike Epps

Mike Epps Has Written a Book

Mike Epps has written a book.  The unscripted book titled Unsuccessful Thugs was written by Mike about his life.  He talks about his childhood in Indiana and growing up one of 10 siblings explains his journey from Indiana to Hollywood.  His journey was not an easy one.  To be a funny man you have to… Read more »