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Active Shooter Situation at a White Settlement Church; At Least 2 Dead

UPDATED:  Two people were killed and another was critically wounded when a man who was attending service inside the Church of Christ in White Settlement opened fire during service. A witness told CBS11 News the gunman walked up to a server during Communion with a shotgun and began firing until another church member shot the suspect. Texas… Read more »

Mass Shooting Strikes Bayou Classic Weekend in New Orleans; 11 Wounded

Eleven people were wounded — 2 critically — in an overnight mass shooting on Canal Street in New Orleans’ famed French Quarter. So far no arrests have been made according to New Orleans Police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson. Ferguson told reporters that police patrols were already on heightened alert for this weekend’s Bayou Classic, the annual… Read more »

Another Texas Mass Shooting; Two Dead, At Least 12 Wounded

For the 3rd time in as many months, another mass shootings has claimed lives in Texas. This time in small town of Greenville, about 20 miles west of Dallas, where hundreds Texas A&M Commerce students had gathered at an off-campus venue for what has been described as a Halloween party. law enforcement combs the grounds… Read more »


Arguement Over Aretha Franklin Leads to Shooting

Argument over Aretha Franklin leads to shooting.  Now I know The Queen of Soul would not have liked this.  Two men in a barber shop in Virginia were having a conversation about who should play Aretha Franklin in the movie of her life.  The conversation escalated and a shooting occurred with the victim now in… Read more »


Rihanna’s Cousin Killed Day After Christmas

Rihanna’s cousin killed day after Christmas.  This is so sad.  Rihanna had just spent Christmas with her cousin and family, and reports say on Tuesday her cousin Kaiseen Allyene was walking home and was approached by a man who shot him several times.  The Barbado’s police are investigating.  I totally understand having lost my brother… Read more »

Mass Shootings In Orlando Night Club

Saturday night a gunman took hostages and open-fired in a popular Orlando nightclub killing 50 people and wounding 53 others before SWAT took the gunman out. Law enforcement officials are still investigating but the shooter was “Pro- Isis”. President Barack Obama addressed the nation and  said, “This was an act of Terror and Hate”.  This… Read more »