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DMX Checks Himself Into Rehab “Before” Relapsing

DMX checks himself into rehab “before” relapsing.  Well alright DMX.  That is a very productive move!   According to TMZ, via lovebscott, he made the move because one of his children is very sick and the child has been in and out of the hospital, and the stress of that and him performing again, was… Read more »

Kevin Hart To Leave Hospital For Inpatient Physical Rehab

Kevin Hart is scheduled to leave the hospital after a 9 day stay following that major car accident on Labor Day. Hart underwent major spinal surgery following the crash and after leaving the hospital, he’ll spend 1 to 2 weeks in an in patient physical therapy facility.  

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Rushed To Hospital For Alcohol Relapse

Wendy Williams Rushed To Hospital For Alcohol Relapse Wendy Williams was rushed to the hospital on Monday after news of an alleged baby was born to her husband and his mistress, Sharina Hudson. The Daily Mail is reporting that Wendy relapsed after checking out of the sober living facility that she told audience members she… Read more »

Montel Williams

Montell Williams Rushed to Hospital After Workout

Montell Williams rushed to hospital after workout.  Montell Williams was rushed to the hospital after he over did it at the gym.  Montell has always worked out and pushed very hard when doing so.  Montell was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999 is expected to be discharged in a couple of days. Read here