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Kanye West Sued Over Christian Opera

Kanye West has two lawsuits on his hands for how he treated workers for his Christian Opera, Nebuchadnezzar.  Kanye is being accused of labeling employees as independent contractors, denying overtime, and making them wait for months for checks.  Because of California labor laws, employees that were paid late may also be entitled to “waiting time penalties” and… Read more »

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Kanye West Sunday Service Choir is Suing Him

Kanye West is getting tangled up in a legal battle with his Sunday Service choir.   The choir is suing West for owing overtime compensation for production that was done for the Hollywood Bowl.   Ye had last minute demands and due to that over a dozen workers weren’t paid compensation.   The event was produced by Live… Read more »

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Kanye West Named Billboard’s Top Gospel Artist Ahead of Kirk Franklin

Billboard named Kanye West as Top Gospel Artist of 2020 moving Kirk Franklin down to number 2. The announcement came on Thursday evening (December 3rd) when Billboard announced their top 10 of Gospel. Behind Kanye is Kirk Franklin at number 2, Tasha Cobbs Leonard at number 3, Kanye’s Sunday Service Choir came in at number 4 and number… Read more »

So What Did Kanye West Spend For Those 60,000 Votes?

Kayne West’s White House bid ended on Tuesday night, with the rapper failing to win any states where he was on the ballot. When the final vote totals were counted, 60,000 Americans chose Kanye over his challengers; 10,000 of which were in Tennessee. According to Federal Election filings, West spent $9 million on the campaign, which… Read more »