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A mom changed her son's name after a tattoo mistake

A Mom Changed Her Son’s Name After a Tattoo Mistake

A mom changed her son’s name after a tattoo mistake. The woman, whose children’s names are Nova and Kevin, decided to get their names tattooed. Unfortunately, the tattoo artist made a huge spelling error and added an ‘L’ to one of the names making it say ‘Kelvin.’ The woman said when she noticed the mistake her heart stopped… Read more »

Kevin Hart wants a judge to dismiss a lawsuit against him

Kevin Hart Wants a Judge to Dismiss a Lawsuit Against Him

Kevin Hart wants a judge to dismiss a lawsuit against him. Scott Montoya is suing over Kevin Hart’s comedy network “Laugh Out Loud.”  Scott Montoya claims ownership of “Laugh Out Loud Comedy Productions,” which puts out comedy content to different platforms. He sued demanding an injunction stopping Kevin Hart from using the trademark. More here.

Eva Marcille says her daughter's father is no longer Kevin McCall

Eva Marcille Says Her Daughter’s Father is No Longer Kevin McCall

Eva Marcille says her daughter’s father is no longer Kevin McCall. Eva’s blocked him on social media and is saying her boyfriend Michael Sterling is the child’s father. Michael and Eva are currently expecting a child together. “We don’t have a relationship. He’s blocked on all my social media. I have full custody of my… Read more »