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Mike Epps

‘The Upshaws’ Gets a Third Season

The Netflix original series, The Upshaws, is returning for a third season. Kim Fields and Mike Epps star as married couple Regina and Bennie Upshaw in the series, along with Wanda Sykes, who plays Kim’s sister. Season two premiered on Netflix over the summer. The third season will launch on the streaming platform next year.

Kim Fields Joins the ‘Don’t Call Me Auntie’ Tribe

Kim Fields has joined a growing list of women who do not want to be referred to affectionately as ‘auntie.’ Kim said people only use the term for women over 40. If you call her Auntie she said, I will rebuke that every time. I am big sis and this is a #NoAuntieZone don’t come up in… Read more »

Mike Epps, Wanda Sykes and Kim Fields Star In New Sitcom!

Mike Epps, Wanda Sykes, and Kim Fields are returning to TV in the hilarious new sitcom, “The Upshaws!” This classic-style black family sitcom features Epps as Bennie Upshaw, Fields as his wife Regina, and Sykes and his sister-in-law who all navigate though life in a very funny way! “The Upshaws” will premiere May 12th on… Read more »

Kim Fields Living Her ‘Dream Role’ in the UK!

Kim Fields has expanded her already world-wide audience as one of the stars of a new sitcom across the pond  Fields has been cast as the spicy,  feisty next-door-neighbor of the Pemberton family in the British sitcom “Living the Dream.”   The show premiers on the streaming service BritBox Tuesday. Fields, who turns 50 today (May… Read more »