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Jason Mitchell of The Chi doesn't believe in marriage or monogamy

Jason Mitchell of The Chi Doesn’t Believe in Marriage or Monogamy

Jason Mitchell of The Chi doesn’t believe in marriage or monogamy. Jason says monogamy is overrated. About marriage, he said, “I’ve seen marriage tear a lot of people down. I’ve seen marriage do more damage in my life. I’ve never seen a marriage last ever. I’ve never seen a marriage be faithful, I’ve never seen a… Read more »

Kate Spade

Kate Spade’s Husband Breaks Silence

Kate Spade’s husband breaks silence.  This is such a tragedy.  We all know by now that designer Kate Spade took her life on Tuesday.  You know people come out of the wood work with their opinions and comments speculating on what they think happened but now her husband Andy Spade has broken his silence about… Read more »

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle to Take 6 Month Royalty Training

Meghan Markle to take 6 month royalty training. Yep and according to the Daily Mail, this is by order of the queen.  Becoming a royal is no easy feat.  Meghan is the biracial commoner who married a Prince, and that may have been the easy part.  This training will reportedly be intense and time consuming,… Read more »