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Gay Marriage

Pastors Could Begin Facing Prison Time For Refusing To Wed Gay Couples

via All Christian News Although Donald and Evelyn Knapp have been marrying couples at their Hitching Post Wedding Chapel in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for around 25 years, they could soon find themselves imprisoned if they refuse to betray their beliefs. The ordained ministerial couple’s troubles began when the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck… Read more »


Tina Knowles Speaks Out About Beyonce’s Marriage

Mama Tina Knowles doesn’t have time for the rumor mill, “I don’t even read that bull,” she said, but she will set the record straight about all those pesky watercooler conversations and blog lies about her daughter Beyoncé’s relationship with Jay Z. “Everything’s perfect,” Tina Knowles declared, when a TMZ reporter caught up with her… Read more »


Man Fakes Own Death To Avoid Marriage

A person who fakes DEATH seems a little extreme under ANY circumstance!! LOL~ Alex Lanchester met Tucker Blandford studying abroad at the University of Connecticut in 2012. She cleaned the campus theater, he was a set painter. They fell in love. After dating for a year, the two decided to get married in Lanchester’s native… Read more »


Brandy Cries To Oprah, Admits Marriage Was A Lie

In 2002, Brandy made a big announcement. She had married secretly and was six months pregnant. Then there was that reality tv show, “Brandy: Special Delivery” where we saw Brandy and her “husband,” Robert Smith together and watched the process of her giving birth to her daughter Sy’rai. Watching the show you could tell something… Read more »


Kerry Washington Slams Beyonce

When I heard about what Kerry Washington said about Queen B, I was like, WOW…. not everyone thinks Beyoncé is an idol. Though the singer is adored by millions of fans around the globe, one woman does not think Beyoncé does enough to empower young black women. According to article source, an insider said that… Read more »