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Erykah Badu: Behind The Cover With Essence

Erykah Badu, has this certain energy about herself that makes you want to sit down with her & absorb more of whatever she’s offering. She sat down with Essence & shared her views on marriage & family. The queen of cool looks talks about beauty, self expression, and what it means to be an independent… Read more »


Strawberry Letter: Married But In Love With Another Man

A woman befriends another woman to get close to her man, who she ends up having an affair with, but when they both divorce and re-marry, things get even MORE complicated for the woman who is “Married But In Love with Another Man”! Check out the Strawberry Letter!


Strawberry Letter: Generational Curse

A woman has a family history of the women dating married men, although she tried to break the curse ,  her daughter began to date a married man who she eventually got pregnant by, the curse of dating married men started over again! What does Steve and Shirley have to say about this?  Find out… Read more »


Woman Of My Dreams…But She’s Not

A man is very confused after confessing that the woman of his dreams has turned into a career woman. Shirley and Steve believe there is more to this…here what they have to say in this Strawberry Letter.


Wendy Williams Keeps It All The Way Real On ‘Being’

When I tell you Wendy Williams Ain’t Hold NOTHING BACK, during a recent episode of ‘Being’ … HOW YOU DEWIN!!! I guess this is ONE of the reasons I love me some WENDY!!! She spoke openly about her weight, her marriage, her parents abuse, getting high AT WORK and also the interviews along the way!!!… Read more »

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Robin Thicke Winning Back, Paula…

Sometimes you have to hang in there & if it’s meant to be, then it shall…It seem Robin Thicke is making progress with swooping his wife back Paula Patton. Multiple sources directly connected to the couple tell TMZ … Paula Patton is open to giving him another chance. We’re told Robin and Paula never stopped… Read more »