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Stevie J Makes It Permanent With A Faith Evans Face Tattoo!

Newlywed Stevie J has made his marriage to Faith Evans and little more permanent with a tattoo of Evans’ initials on his face. “FRJ” which stands for Faith Renee Jordan is now carved into the side of J’s face next to his ear. He posted a picture of the art on his twitter page.  … Read more »


Denzel Washington’s Marriage Secrets

Denzel Washington’s marriage secrets.  Denzel Washington has been married to his wife, Pauletta, for 35 years! The couple met back in 1977 on the set of the TV show Wilma and they have 4 kids together. Despite all the time that’s gone by, these two are still happier than ever, so what’s their secret? According… Read more »

Jaheim's fans came for Tank after he shaded Jaheim's look

Tank FINALLY Marries Long-Time Girlfriend Zena Foster!

Congratulations to Tank who finally made it official and married long-time girlfriend Zena Foster. The couple had been engaged since January 16, 2007 and confirmed their marriage with a couple of Instagram posts. Today is a good day.. #BabbsToTheBone #RnBMoney #TheGeneral A post shared by Tank (@therealtank) on Jul 22, 2018 at 10:59am PDT Lifetime….. Read more »

Fantasia’s Anniversary Surprise To Hubby!

Congratulations to Fantasia and hubby Kendall Taylor who are celebrating four years of marriage! The songbird gave her hubby the ultimate gift to celebrate…a song and video which she posted to her Instagram page. My Gift to my King for our 4th Anniversary which is đź—ŁTODAY!!!!! He always says I never sing for him so… Read more »

Inside David & Tamela Mann’s Steamy Studio Session!

David & Tamala Mann are in the studio working on their new joint album “Us Against The World: The Love Project”, and as they were recording the song “Ups and Downs” things got a little steamy…at least on David’s part! Tam won’t let me do my part #Usagainsttheworld A post shared by David and Tamela… Read more »

Scientists say a bad marriage can seriously damage your health

Scientists Say A Bad Marriage Can Seriously Damage Your Health

Scientists say a bad marriage can seriously damage your health. Researchers at the University of Michigan and the University of Nevada found that the marital head-butting of heterosexual couples negatively affects the health of husbands and wives. Men suffered more than women. When you argue, the body can experience inflammation, changes in appetite and the increase in… Read more »