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Russell and Ciara Wilson

Would You Marry Yourself? Ciara and Russell Pose the Question

Russell Wilson and Ciara were on their way to a wedding when Ciara mentioned a conversation she had with someone about marriage and the advice her husband gave them.  Russell said, if you are a guy, you should ask yourself, ‘would you marry yourself?’  If you are a woman, if you could marry yourself would you say… Read more »

Tami Roman

Tami Roman Told Her Husband He Could Have a Baby With Another Woman

Tami Roman stopped by the daytime TV show, The Real.  She shared a conversation she had with her husband, Reggie.  Tami has two children and Reggie, who is an only child, does not have any children.  Tami and Reggie have unsuccessfully tried to conceive a child. Tami said she is not interested in trying in any other… Read more »