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Studies are showing that men make more Coronavirus antibodies than women, but mainly because they become sicker than women. Now if you test positive for covid-19 you will be asked to donate plasma 21 days after their initial diagnosis. A text will be sent to those who tested positive for covid-19 asking if they will… Read more »

Wendy Williams Apologizes for Homophobic Comments

So, it looks like Wendy Williams has apologized … again.   This time, it’s over some pre-Valentine’s Day comments during her talk show, that some took as ‘homophobic.’ She was talking to her studio audience about  Galentine’s Day –an unofficial holiday spawned on the NBC show “Parks & Recreation” where women celebrate the other women in their… Read more »

In The New Game of Monopoly, Women Make More Than Men

In the New Game of Monopoly, Women Make More Than Men Women got a little closer to world takeover thanks to Hasbro’s new “Ms. Monopoly” game. The new take on the classic Monopoly board game celebrates women’s empowerment by allowing female players to collect $240 after passing go, males will collect $200, giving women and… Read more »