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Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Opens Up About Coronavirus Outbreak

Former First Lady Michelle Obama shared what her family’s doing to pass the time during self-isolation during a phone call to the Ellen Degeneres Show the other day and said sticking to a routine is key for her family. She said that daughters Malia and Sasha are studying at home since their college courses are… Read more »

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Responds to 4 Year Old Girl Who Called Herself Ugly

The video of 4-year-old Ariyonna calling herself ugly has gone viral, breaking the hearts of many, including former first lady Michelle Obama.  Mrs. Obama responded to Ariyonna via her Instagram page saying, Ariyonna, you are gorgeous. In a world that sometimes tries to say otherwise, I want to tell you —and every other beautiful, intelligent, brave… Read more »

michelle obama

School to be Named After Michelle Obama

While the gig might not be as important as commander-in-chief, being the first lady also has its advantages. Check this out:  The West Contra Costa Unified School District in San Francisco has announced it’s honoring Michelle Obama by naming a school after her.  We love her because she is a role model for our children… Read more »