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Kanye West

Kanye West Spent $13.2M on Failed Presidential Campaign

It turns out Kanye West’s failed bid for the U.S. presidency didn’t come cheap. Sources say the 43-year-old rapper spent at least $13.2 million on his campaign.  What’s more is $12.5 million of that money came from West’s own pocket, according to campaign report filed with the Federal Election Commission. West managed to raise about… Read more »

The Weeknd

The Weeknd spends $7M of his own money for his Super Bowl Performance

The NFL’s biggest game of the year is next weekend and The Weeknd is sparing no expense on his halftime show performance. Speaking with Billboard, The Weeknd explains why she spent $7 million of his own money for his performance. “We’ve been really focusing on dialing in on the fans at home and making performances a cinematic… Read more »

Dr. Dre and Nicole

Dr. Dre’s Wife Investigated Over Alleged Embezzlement

This is turning out to be one messy divorce between Dr. Dre and Nicole Young.  Reports are saying that The LAPD is investigating Nicole for “allegedly” withdrawing $385,029 from their business account without permission.  Now Dr. Dre did not file the report, his business partner Larry Chatman is said to have filed.  Nicole denies embezzlement… Read more »