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Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of the Night ~ “Unthinkable”

Alicia Keys epitomizes the word smooth!  She is also extremely talented, beautiful and graceful. Her style is very delightful and when she performs in concert, she really puts on a show!  Many artists I’ve interviewed over the years has her on a pedestal and really admires her amazing talent.  I’ve seen Alicia in concert a… Read more »

Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of the Night ~”Honest”

It’s my exclusive interview with Major tonight inside The Quiet Storm!  His new song entitled “Honest” is blowing up all over the country and we continuously get requests for it here on Smooth R&B105.7! This Texas brother is truly the real deal and continues to grow his fan base by leaps and bounds!  Not only… Read more »

It’s The Singer Major TONIGHT Inside The Quiet Storm~

I’m so excited to finally meet and interview this talented Texas brother they call Major!  He sings the songs “Why I Love You” and “Honest” and honestly he’s really blowing up right now!  Even Stevie Wonder deemed “Why I Love You” the wedding song of 2017! Check out the exclusive in depth interview tonight inside… Read more »