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Terrance Howard

Terrence Howard Says He Only Made $12K From ‘Hustle & Flow’

Terrence Howard was nominated for many industry awards for Hustle & Flow, including an Oscar for Best Actor. Apparently, Howard didn’t make much money on the picture. Terrence Howard spoke about his entertainment career with WREG’s Alex Coleman on Live at 9 last week. “I made $12,000 for doing Hustle & Flow,” Howard recalled. “What… Read more »

Milli Vanilli

Paramount+ Snaps Up Milli Vanilli Feature Doc

A feature doc about the controversial pop group Milli Vanilli has been picked up by Paramount+. The eponymous doc, which tells the story of the duo who were forced to return their Grammy Award for Best New Artist after it was revealed that they didn’t sing on any of their records, is premiering at the… Read more »