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Facebook Is Sharing Your Data [WATCH]

Facebook is sharing your data and a whole lot more than you signed up for. Recently obtained documents show that Facebook used tons of personal data of its users to make billions of dollars. The social media giant leveraged our data with its partners, as its most valuable resource. Facebook allowed Netflix, Amazon and Spotify… Read more »


If You Want to Delete Facebook it Takes Up to 30 Days

Between hacks, data breaches, scandals, fake news and friends sharing one too many baby photos, you might have finally thrown in the towel and decided to delete Facebook. But after you hit the button, it’s not over. To combat buyer’s remorse, the social media giant instituted a 14-day “undo” period, where you can restore your… Read more »


Should Megan Markle’s Dad Attend The Royal Wedding?

Should Megan Markle’s dad attend the Royal Wedding?  I say he should.  You may have heard by now that her father posed for pictures and it is causing problems.  Her dad Thomas Markle was planning to walk his daughter Megan Markle down the aisle, but now says  that he does not want to embarrass his… Read more »