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People With Gun Demand Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

People With Gun Demand Popeyes Chicken Sandwich A new week and another outrageous story about the infamous Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. A group of people armed with a gun tried to take over a Popeyes location in Houston on Monday demanding the sandwich. Two women, three men, and a baby were told that the restaurant was… Read more »


A Waitress Body Slams Man Who Grabbed Her Butt

A Waitress body slams man who grabbed her butt.  Well alright!  Yes 21 year old Emelia Holden was at working doing her job when a man walks by and grabs her behind.  But what she did is what has gone viral on the internet.  She grabbed him and body slammed him against the wall.  Then… Read more »


T.I. Ordered to Pay Restaurant Employees $75,000

T.I. ordered to pay restaurant employees $75,000.  This payment for his employees who lost their jobs when his restaurant shut down.  Each person will get $8,333,33 each totaling $75,000.  He also has to pay attorney fees which comes to another $25,000, totaling $100,000 in all.  I guess the food business was not such a good… Read more »