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Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu Urges Dallas to Stay at Home

Erykah Badu is using her influence to convince people to stay at home in her hometown of Dallas, Texas.  Posting a picture of her and her children on Instagram, Badu wrote, “This is not a drill. We are here. This is now. Take care of yourselves. Don’t ignore this pandemic, DALLAS.  She continued saying, “The… Read more »

Samuel Jackson

Samuel L Jackson Wants People to Stay the F**k Home

Samuel L. Jackson is not afraid to share his feelings.  As we all deal with COVID-19, Jackson has one simple message, “Stay The F**k At Home.”  On Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, he read a poem from the writers of the book Go The F**k To Sleep. Jackson’s narration of the original book took off several years ago.  In the… Read more »

overworked doctors

City of Fort Worth Issues Stay at Home Order

The Shelter in Place went into effect, last night at midnight, and now Mayor Betsy Price has announced “a stay at home order” which will take place at 12 midnight tonight to urge Ft. Worth residents to “Stay Home” unless you are picking up groceries and medical supplies.  Essential personal, includes truck drivers, grocery store… Read more »

overworked doctors

Overworked Doctors BEG People to Stay Home

Doctors all over the world are feeling overworked due to the Coronavirus pandemic. There is currently a campaign called, “Stay Home: Save Lives” that many medical personnel are participating in hoping that people will heed the warning to stay home. Medical workers began posting pictures of themselves wearing gloves and face masks while holding signs saying: “I stayed… Read more »