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erykah and puma

Erykah Badu Says Daughter Puma Stole Her Face

Erykah took some time out to praise her daughter and talk about the resemblance the two have.  She wrote, “She’s so trill. Puma stole my whole face.” Erykah added, “But what an improvement on a design, though. Right.”  Puma is also following in her mom’s footsteps as a singer.  They are both beauties…  Do you think… Read more »

Plano Students Can’t Wear NHS Stoles At Graduation

As a parent, how would you feel if your school told your kid that they couldn’t wear their National Honor Society stole during graduation ceremonies? I would be HOTTER THAN FISH GREASE!  That’s what happened at Plano Senior High School! The school felt like the kids, who were a part of the National Honor Society… Read more »