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Raz B Checks Into Rehab

Raz B is taking some responsibility or his problems.  Raz B has checked himself into rehab. After his arrest for DUI, B2K member Raz B is checking himself into a self-care facility to work on himself. A member of his team said, ” The stress from childhood trauma has led to some unhealthy life decisions.”… Read more »

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Signs You’re Stressed Out-Even When You Deny It

Signs you’re stressed even when deny it.  We know our lives can be stressful.  Just getting through the day and getting those things on you’re list done can be a burden.  Things may be happening to us physically, that we may not even realize that it’s stress doing things to our bodies, and that we… Read more »

Foods That Cause Stress

A a busy mom on the go it is easy to get stressed-out.  It is natural to reach for a drink or your favorite comfort food.  A recent study suggest that alcohol is not what you need but remember alcohol is going to make you depressed. It will also make you dehydrated which will also… Read more »