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Tank is being sued by a member of the Black Eyed Peas

Tank Speaks Out About Kevin Hart Stepping Down As The Oscars Host

Kevin Hart stepped down from the Oscars due to controversy from anti-gay tweets from 9-years ago. Since then, Tank has took to social media to express his thoughts on the matter. Read Tank’s thoughts below.   View this post on Instagram   #Tank has a few things to say regarding #KevinHart & #TheOscars 👀👀 (View… Read more »

Man arrested

Man Arrested for Stealing Frances McDormand’s Oscar

Man arrested for stealing Frances McDormand’s Oscar.  Now this is a crazy situation.  According to the thief Terry Bryant thought it was a good idea to steal the Oscar from Best Actress Frances McDormand.  What a idiot!!  Then he had the nerve to put it on video saying how happy he is to have… Read more »

Taraji P Henson

Taraji Clears Up Ryan Seacrest Shade Rumors

Taraji Clears up Ryan Seacrest shade rumors.  Taraji P. Henson is known to speak her mind and the rumor mill went wild yesterday at the Oscars when she made some specific comments to Ryan Seacrest.  Ryan Seacrest hosted the red carpet and when Taraji stepped up she said what she had to say and then… Read more »

Mary J Says Divorce Is Hell

Watch: Mary J Blige’s Performance At The Oscars

Watch: Mary J Blige’s Performance at the Oscars.  You know Mary J will take a song and make it her own.  At the Oscars last night she tore it up when sang “Mighty River” from Mudbound.  She is simply amazing, and so deserving of the success she is achieving right now.  Kendu who?

Ryan Seacrest

Celebrities Will Reportedly Dodge Ryan Seacrest at The Oscars

Celebrities will reportedly dodge Seacrest at the Oscars.  Ryan Seacrest is usually the person you want to talk to when stars walk the Red Carpet.  Maybe not this time.  Some publicists are saying they will steer their A list clients away from Ryan Seacrest amid his sexual harassment allegations.  It’s a hot mess…Read below. Read… Read more »

The Oscar

The Oscar Nominations Are Here!

The Oscar nominations are here.  If you haven’t heard Mary J Blige has been nominated for a Academy Award for her role in the movie Mudbound.  Also the movie Get Out has been nominated in different categories.  So proud of Mary J Blige for getting recognized for her acting chops.  Kendu won’t be a part… Read more »