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I don't know about the report of Master P and Tiny being a couple

I Don’t Know About the Report of Master P and Tiny Being a Couple

I don’t know about the report of Master P and Tiny being a couple. According to celebrity blogger Sandra Rose, the two have been dating on the low-low for a couple of years. Reportedly, P has given Tiny  a new house, and her own basketball team in the new mixed gender league. Read about that here.

Tiny Calls Out T.I.’s Alleged Side Piece

Tomeka “Tiny” Harris called T.I.’s alleged side piece a “pass around *****.” She was responding to a social media comment addressed to her questioning why she didn’t bust Tip over the head with a Hennessy bottle. T.I. and Bernice have not spoken about their “relationship.” More here.

Don’t Ask T.I. About His Divorce!

T.I., was being interviewed by Yung Joc on the radio and Joc asked about the divorce. T.I. didn’t hold back. Neither T.I. or Tiny have commented about the divorce. Tiny filed for divorce in December. I heard they’re trying to work it out. See T.I. shut Yung Joc down here.


Tiny Speaks About T.I., Marriage and That Dance

Tiny spills the tea on T.I., male friends and more. Did Michael Jackson have a secret lover? I’ll #spillthetea. Will Smith addresses the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” reboot. Thanks for checking out Tony’s Tea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio! Audio version here.