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Rihanna's got a new man that is reportedly beyond loaded

Rihanna’s Got a New Man That is Reportedly Beyond Loaded

Rihanna’s got a new man that is reportedly beyond loaded.  I’ll #spillthetea. Lamar Odom misses his friendship with Rob Kardashian and Tupac’s estate is being sued over a 1993 song. Thanks for checking out Tony’s Tea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!


Tupac’s Pendant That Caught a Bullet for Sale

The pendant that Tupac wore when hew was shot in NYC is for sale for $125,000. It’s dented from a bullet. The owner of the auction house that’s selling it, Moments in  Time, Gary Zimet, claims Tupac’s family gave it to him to sell with most of the money going to the family. Tupac’s estate says… Read more »