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Eniko Hart only gained 22 pounds while pregnant

Eniko Hart Only Gained 22 Pounds While Pregnant

Eniko Hart only gained 22 pounds while pregnant. Eniko and Kevin Hart had their first child together about a week ago. Kenzo Kash is the child’s name. Her secret? Eniko says, “With the help from nursing along with training, & eating well during my pregnancy I must say it was all belly weight.” She also says… Read more »

Wendy Williams responded to people saying she's too thin

Wendy Williams Responded to People Saying She’s Too Thin

Wendy Williams responded to people saying she’s too thin. Folks have been saying for a while that Wendy needs to eat a sandwich. Or ten or twenty sandwiches. They think she’s too thin. For the record, Wendy is totally comfortable with her body. She says, “They are so jealous. Excuse me, do I look too… Read more »


Vivica Hotter Than Fish and Chicken Grease at 50 Cent

Vivica is super mad at 50 Cent. I’ll #spillthetea. Katt WIlliams will NOT go to jail. Kirk Franklin claps back and Kelly Price LOOKS great. Thanks for watching Tony’s Tea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio! Listen to the audio only version here!


Folks Talking About Avant’s Big Weight Gain

People on social media can be cowardly and cruel. Avant is being dragged for gaining weight. Petty people stay small and are always looking for the easy cheap shot. But then again, is that him? Read here.