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Kevin Hunter Seeks Alimony From Wendy Williams!

This dude can’t be for real!! Kevin Hunter is asking the court to grant him alimony from estranged wife Wendy Williams. In addition, he’s seeking child support and asking that Williams pay for all of his legal fees. Williams filed for divorce from Hunter on April 10th amid claims of his infidelity.

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Caller Claims Wendy’s Husband Was Poisoning Her

Caller Claims Wendy’s Husband Was Poisoning Her A report has surfaced that cops went to check on Wendy Williams after they received a call that her husband Kevin Hunter was poisoning her. Now the call was made in January, and according to a police report, someone that worked with Wendy made the call and so… Read more »

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Wendy Williams ‘Soon to be Ex Speaks Out’

Wendy Williams’ Soon-To-Be Ex-Husband Speaks Out Kevin Hunter has some explaining to do. The soon to be ex-husband of Wendy Willams made his first statement since she filed for divorce. Hunter told E! News, “28 years ago I met an amazing woman: Wendy Williams. At the time, I didn’t realize that she would not only… Read more »

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Wendy Williams Files For Divorce

Wendy Williams files for divorce.   I think we seen this one coming. According to Page 6  if all of the rumors are true about how her husband Kevin Hunter treated her are true, then you go girl.  We have heard over and over he has a mistress and I think the straw the broke… Read more »

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Wendy Williams Husband Buys Her a $40K Watch

Wendy Williams’ Husband Buys Her a $40K Watch Even though divorce rumors are swirling, Wendy Williams’ husband Kevin Hunter just dropped $40K on a diamond watch for his wife. He picked up the custom-made timepiece last Thursday from Flawless Jewelry in New York, and even though rumors were the watch were for his mistress, it… Read more »

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Wendy Williams Husband Doesn’t Want Marriage To End

Wendy Williams husband doesn’t want marriage to end.  Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter have been married for 22 years and in those years they have raised their son and  built a multi million dollar media empire as a result of the success they’ve had on The Wendy Williams Show.  All marriages have their… Read more »