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Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Wants to Meet With Sherri Shepherd

This story is continuing to make headlines.   Wendy Williams recently told Fat Joe on his Live Instagram that she doesn’t have access to her money, and why she abruptly left her show.  She then told him she likes Sherri Shepherd but wouldn’t watch her show.  Sherri then responded saying she was worried about Wendy and… Read more »

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Says She’ll Be Back on TV Very Soon

TMZ caught up with Wendy Williams at an afterparty hosted by Cardi B When she was asked if she would be back on tv she responded, of course. The Wendy Williams Show lives forever. She was then asked if she would be back on TV in September and she said ‘yes.’

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Calls Good Morning America

Wendy Williams is finally talking…sort of.  Wendy called in to TJ Holmes on Good Morning America, to talk about her on going battle with Wells Fargo Bank to her being ready to return to work in 3 months… Read and see more here

Wendy and Kevin Hunter

Kevin Hunter Claims He Created Hot Topics and Shoe Cam

Things are heating up in the $10 million dollar lawsuit Kevin Hunter (Wendy Williams ex-husband) has filed against Debmar-Mercury, the production company that distributed the Wendy Williams Show.  Kevin claims he was fired unconstitutionally, and he also claims he created “Hot Topics” and “Shoe Cam”.  He also leaked emails from Debmar-Mercury executive Ira Berstein who… Read more »