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Tamar Braxton Admits She Talks Too Much


Paul Archuleta/FilmMagicTamar Braxton is famous for telling people what to do, but now she realizes offering her advice is not always the best policy.

The youngest of the Braxton Sisters tells InStyle now she remains quiet until her opinion is requested.

“I’ve learned so much. I think the biggest thing is: Wait until someone asks for your opinion or advice,” she says. “I’m the youngest and so I would often just give my unsolicited advice. And that’s not always so good. I thought I was helping my sisters, but I was actually hurting them … and I don’t want to do that…. My new rule is: If you ask me, I will tell you.”

Tamar stars in the new season of Braxton Family Values premiering tonight. She’s also busy co-hosting The Real, promoting a fashion line and continuing her music career. She’s enjoying her life six months after blood clots in her lungs forced her to leave Dancing with the Stars. Braxton calls it the “scariest moment of my life,” especially because she did not believe the severity of her illness.

“I didn’t know how sick I was,” she says. “Then the doctor came in the room and said, ‘You have multiple blood clots — so are you finished dancing now? Are you done playing around with your life?’ I had thoracic outlet syndrome — I had extra bones in my rib area and they had to remove both bones because they were compressing my veins and I was getting blood clots.”

Braxton is healthy again, and now she’s preparing to begin recording her new album.

The fifth season of Braxton Family Values debuts tonight at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. Central, on WE tv.

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