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Tamela and David Mann’s World Family Tour is a concert, party and church service all-in-one extravaganza


Photo Courtesy of Bounce TVTamela and David Mann‘s world tour continues, and Grammy-winner Tamela tells ABC Radio that audiences are in for a thrilling experience. 

“It’s not just a concert. It’s not just a party. It’s not just comedy,” says Tamela. “How we get it kicked off is my son comes out — he’s a DJ for the younger people — and he starts out with a little party with DJ-ing,”

Tamela adds, “My daughter does a set, kinda her neo-soul style. David Sr. comes out and does comedy and then I come out and kinda bring it on home. Bring us on ’round to church where we dance a little. Laugh. Shout. All that.”  

In addition to the Manns’ current tour,  the couple’s sitcom, Mann & Wife, recently attracted one million viewers to its third season premiere.  That makes it Bounce TV’s most-watched original sitcom broadcast in the network’s history. Tamela promises that the show will only get better with each episode. 

She tells ABC Raido, “For me, this third season of Mann & Wife is just…you could see the growth in the show, even from the writers, from the actors and everything. It’s just really, really exciting.” 

Mann & Wife airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bounce.  For more information on how to get tickets for the Mann’s World Family Tour, visit  

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