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Tamia Shows Off Her Personality on Newly Released Album, Love Life


Def Jam RecordingsIt only took ten days for Tamia to record her newly released album, Love Life, her first studio effort with Def Jam Recordings. The singer tells ABC Radio why she decided to select the lead single “Sandwich and a Soda,” a song she says shows off her personality while giving an important message on going all out for your significant other.

“Its about sort of just being in a relationship and being in love and willing to go that extra step,” Tamia says of her song. “So I thought it was fun.”

The song may have surprised fans, which is just the reaction Tamia was going for. “You know, certainly I’ve done my fair share of ballads and heartbreak and love and at this stage in my career, it’s also important that I still continue to grow and I still continue to show other sides of who I am, vocally and my personality,” she says. “And ‘Sandwich and a Soda’ was just like a great, fun song.”

The disc, which includes contributions from Pop & OakThe-Dream and Tricky Stewart, paints a clear picture of who she is as an artist and gives her fans some variety for her sixth album. 

“I knew that throughout the entire project of Love Life, you know, people wouldn’t be disappointed. There’s definitely those songs on there, so if you love my music because you love the singing, it’s there as well,” she says. “But I think it’s important to have an album that’s well rounded, that’s a little bit versatile and that, you know, takes you on a little ride.”

Love Life is the follow-up to 2012’s Beautiful Surprise.

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