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Tank details how he’s maintained longevity in his career: It feels like I’ve cracked some type of code


Atlantic RecordsTank is among R&B’s most revered voices.

Over the course of his extensive career, the “Maybe I Deserve” crooner has worked with the likes of Jamie Foxx,Keyshia Cole and the late Aaliyah. The formula to his longevity, however, doesn’t necessarily come down to his songwriting ability but rather his business acumen. 

In an introspective sit-down, with the LA Times, the seasoned producer expounded on how he’s managed to remain a fixture in the landscape of R&B for over two decades. “As older artists, we have to understand the game has changed,” Tank told the publication. “Go to Spotify, see your streaming numbers, talk to your fans.”

He added, “It’s important to understand different things you have to do to get yourself in a space where you can be a part of something that didn’t exist 20 years in the game.”

In the age of the streaming era, Tank was admittedly frustrated by the lack of attention contemporary R&B artists were receiving on a mainstream level. And, in an effort to produce what he felt would appeal to today’s generation, while also staying true to his unique sound, “When We” was spawned. Since it’s release, last year, the record has topped the adult R&B charts and gone platinum. It has also amassed over 30 million streams on Spotify. 

“I wish I could say I masterminded the whole thing, but that would be a lie,” Tank said of the career milestone. “Where we are today, people don’t have to be programmed by radio.” 

“The fact that people have more control over their listening habits — they can search out music and make their own playlists — it’s giving R&B a real shot again.”

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