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The Knock Out Game Playing Out Across America


This sickening game is playing out on streets in cities across America, aiming to knock random people out to with a sucker punch.

Lawmakers and civil rights leaders with a new push this morning to try to stop this disturbing behavior before someone else gets hurt or even killed. This twisted game has authorities on high alert and its victims left stunned and sometimes badly injured.

Innocent people are being violently struck, sometimes knocked out cold without warning or even a reason.

It’s a chilling trend being felt across the country with incidents reported in Philadelphia, New york, Connecticut and Pittsburgh. Victims left injured and stunned. Footage of the attacks are caught on surveillance cameras or posted online by the attackers themselves.

It has sparked outrage from national leaders. One lawmaker in New York is fighting back, pushing for a bill that will stiffen penalties and also making sure attackers are charged as adults in court.

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