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The Weeknd Reflects on Oscar Nomination, Advice from Diddy & Next Album


Image Group LA/ABCThe Weeknd is still stunned about being nominated an Oscar for his Fifty Shades of Grey hit “Earned It.

In a new interview with The Los Angeles Times, the singer, who is up for Best Original Song, reflects on the lack of diversity at the Oscars, airing February 28. At first, he reveals he wasn’t aware that he was the only major nominee of color in the category.

“I didn’t even realize it,” he says. “When I got nominated I wasn’t really looking at any other nominations. I was ecstatic, I was so happy. What an overwhelming feeling, it’s the Academy Awards. It’s like your hard work is finally getting recognized.”

“Music is so diverse,” he adds. “My fans couldn’t even put a face or color or anything to my music. The same with film, it’s such a diverse thing. Every movie you see now is inspired by diversity. So it’s unfortunate…. but I think it’s much deeper than the Academy or deeper than the film or music industry. It’s an issue that the nation has been dealing with, and I’m glad this has sparked a conversation … it needed to happen. And good for the Academy for trying to make the new changes.”

The Weeknd reveals that he almost reconsidered attending the show due to all the controversy. “If [host] Chris Rock pulled out it would have been like holy… I definitely can’t show up,” he explains.

The singer also shares advice he received from Diddy. “Puff once told me, once you taste a hit you want more. It’s blood,”  he says. “There’s no real answer to it other than yes. But you have to just sit down and enjoy the moment.”

Aside from enjoying award season, the singer says that he’s already started on the follow-up to last year’s Beauty Behind the Madness. “I’ve already started,” he said. “What am I supposed to do? I’m a studio rat. All I do is make music. I’m thinking about music right now. How do I reinvent myself, of course. I’m not cutting my hair though.”

In related news, the singer is nominated for seven Grammys for Monday’s ceremony.

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