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They chased us to the car: Beyoncé doppelganger talks about the perils of resembling the global megastar


ABC/Image Group LABeyoncé‘s fan base, known as the Bey Hive, is no joke, according to a fan named Brittany Williams, who just so happens to be a dead ringer for the global icon.

Brittany tells Bustle about one particular incident in which a group of people mistook her for Bey. “They chased us, actually, to the car,” she says. 

“They beat it with their heels until we let down the window and gave them a photo — when we let down the window, though, there were singing ‘Single Ladies,’ so that was very bizarre.” 

Brittany continues that she’s constantly approached by people in the mall who “freak out” when they see her. 

“Even if they just ask for my email and it starts with the letter B, they freak out,” she continues. 

Even more puzzling to Brittany is the fact that when she tells people she’s not Beyoncé, they need to be convinced. 

 “They don’t really make sense of the situation,” she explains. 

“That she would not be without her bodyguard, you know — so it’s kind of impossible for me to be her.”  

Although Brittany points out that looking like Bey requires an active effort to “be as incognito as possible,” she hopes to take advantage of her unique situation, besides posing for selfies with Beyoncé fans. 

She explains, “I have a motive outside of this noise and it’s to expose my creativeness.”

“If anything happens that will allow me to speak more about what I have to offer, that’s beneficial to me, but if it’s just reduced to a comparison, there’s no end game.”  

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