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Tinashe, Christina Milian & Angie Stone Talk Highlights and New Year’s Resolutions


ABC Radio

The last day of the year is typically a time of reflection. ABC Radio caught up with three R&B divas to ask them to share their highlights of 2015 as well as their New Year’s resolutions.

Following a stellar year, Tinashe reveals that she wants to make progress mentally and to learn more. “I haven’t fully thought of my New Year’s resolution yet, but if I were to think of what it will probably be I’m assuming it will be something with enhancing my brain,” she says. “Like in 2016 I really want to challenge myself mentally, and like learn more and become smarter and have a point of view.”

When it was suggested that she learn a foreign language, Tinashe replies: “That’s a good idea, I should do that. That might be my New Year’s resolution.”

Christina Milian is just proud that she released her long-awaited music project, a four-song EP. “My biggest highlight of 2015 is putting out my EP, 4U, I finally did it. It’s been years — this is almost a decade basically since I last put out an album. So I did it, I did it my way.”

Angie Stone shared what she envisions for herself in 2016. “Hopefully I’m going to be working for somebody’s television show, biopic is being done, but I think the big screen is what’s next. I think another album and possibly the television screen.” 

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