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Tinashe Talks To Her Many Selves in New NYLON Video


Dennis LeupoldTinashe answers some pressing questions for fans in a funny video for NYLON magazine, titled Me + My Selves

The singer and her many selves talks about her new album release, the music industry, musical inspirations, celebrity beefs and much more in the enlightening clip. 

When she asks herself why her new album, Joyride, is taking so long to arrive, Tinashe’s other incarnations provide several different answers. 

“If I could answer that question, my album would probably be out by now?,” says Tinashe number two. 

“The creative process has its ebbs and flows,” responds Tinashe number three. 

“Politics,” replies a fourth Tinashe, while Tinashe, the interviewer, declares, “It’s coming out when it comes out.” 

Tinashe is on the October cover of NYLON magazine, out on newsstands now.  

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