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Tinashe Wants Her Next Album to Be Uptempo


Image Courtesy Gomillion & LeupoldTinashe is cooking up music that will make you dance for her sophomore album.

In an interview with SPIN, the singer reveals that she’s recorded “more up-tempo” songs for the follow-up to her RCA debut, Aquarius.

“I’d like to play with some more tempos, to not have it all be in the mid-tempo range even though a lot of my music is. It’s been an adventure for me to figure out how to do my version of an uptempo, because the fastest song I’ve kind of ever really put out is ‘2 On,’ which is really only kind of like an upper/mid, 95-beat jam,” she says.

So far, she’s enlisted top producers, like Dr. Luke and Max Martin, to create her new sound.  “I’m not really interested in doing like, down-the-middle EDM songs, but I’d like to figure out how to do that uptempo. I’m definitely trying to make songs that are hooky enough to cross over,” she says.

The singer is planning to release her sophomore album this fall.

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