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Traci Braxton’s life could not be better: This is the greatest feeling on earth


We TVBraxton Family Values star Traci Braxton releases her second album, On Earth, on Friday, and after years of struggle, she says she’s feeling better than ever about her life, and her career.

Traci realizes that she hasn’t achieved the success of her sisters Toni and Tamar, but she says her dedication is finally paying off, even though people constantly doubt her.

“My life and where it’s going and my career and my business adventures, it’s like everything is falling into place,” she tells ABC Radio.

The second oldest of the Braxton sisters says that persistence has been the key to her prosperity. 

“Putting in hard work after hard work and people knocking you down and just keep getting up, brushing yourself off and it’s still happening for you, this is the greatest feeling,” Traci says.

Traci released her debut solo album, Crash & Burn, in 2014. Her sisters Toni, Towanda, and Trina join on her on the new album, On Earth. 

“Oh my goodness, On Earth is a joyous occasion because when it says, ‘This is the greatest feeling on earth,’ my life right now is the greatest feeling on earth,” Traci says.

Traci’s not just thrilled to be releasing new music: She’s also grateful to be a grandmother, and to have a healthy family.

“I mean I’m a duchess, my album coming out. I mean, my family is good, no one is sick, everyone is in the land of living,” Traci continues. “This is the greatest feeling on earth that everybody can get a chance to be a part of.” 

Traci is also proud to make acting debut in the new movie, Sinners Wanted, starring Clifton Powell,Lamman Rucker, Tasha Cobbs and Roland Martin.

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