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Tyrese revisits recent erratic behavior, says wife isn’t pregnant


ABC/Jeff Neira Tyrese Gibson is looking to clean up the mess that his psych medication allegedly made by once again apologizing and explaining his erratic behavior over the last few weeks.

In a lengthy Instagram post Tuesday, the actor-singer said he wanted “to clear the air” because he had “nothing to hide.”

“My wife is NOT pregnant and never was (those meds had me on one) I owe no one any money on any level matter of fact I just took care of both of my lawyers fully 108k for my lawyer and almost 20k for Shaylas lawyer,” Tyrese wrote, captioning an image that read “A Capricorn is never afraid to admit when they are wrong, although they are not wrong often.”

Tyrese also revisited his previous statements about Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, whom he said had given him $5 million to help with his legal fees.

“I’ve already mentioned that there was a few talks with the Smiths and those meds made me jump out there and speak on monies that never came in- I’ve already again apologized to them privately and publicly for everything,” Tyrese wrote.

Tyrese says he felt the need to apologize and address his recent behavior again because “I know the jokes have been flying and will continue to fly and I’m ok with it I’m a big boy with Thick skin,” he said, adding this is his “last post about the past.”

Tyrese is reportedly in South Africa, documenting his travels online with his wife. 

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