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Wanna Be Sellin’ Something: CD with nine unreleased Michael Jackson songs to be auctioned next week


Dave Hogan/Getty ImagesA 12-track CD that belonged to Michael Jackson, featuring nine of his unreleased songs, will go up for sale next week at the Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction site.

The website has set $50,000 as the starting bid for the CD, and estimates that it will sell for between $60,000 and $80,000, although the sale’s organizers tell Rolling Stone that the recording could fetch as much as $1 million.

The CD — technically a CD-R disc with the word “Bible” written on it in pen — comes with a letter of authenticity, although the winning bidder will not receive the copyright to the songs on the disc and, therefore will not be able to release the music.

Gotta Have Rock and Roll reports that the CD is currently owned by a friend of the late King of Pop, who also served as the legend’s personal assistant and traveled around the world with him.

Different mixes of the three tracks on the CD — “Monster,” “Breaking News” and “Stay” — appeared on MJ’s posthumous 2010 album, Michael.

Bidding on the disc begins on Wednesday, July 19, and runs until Friday, July 28.  

A variety of other Jackson-related items also are part of the same auction, including stage-worn hats, signed photos and albums, a personally owned teddy bear, a hand-drawn self-portrait and much more.

The same auction also features the recently reported letter that late rapper Tupac Shakur sent to Madonna while he was in prison, explaining why he ended their relationship. 

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