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Why Adele Might Lose the Album of the Year Grammy to Beyonce


XL Recordings/Columbia; Parkwood/ColumbiaHeading into next month’s Grammy Awards, Adele‘s 25 and Beyonce‘s Lemonade might seem evenly matched when it comes to the Album of the Year race.  

Both women are multiple Grammy winners, critical darlings and top sellers.  

However, Billboard reports that Beyonce is likely to walk away with the night’s most prestigious honor, because Grammy voters don’t like reruns.

Billboard notes that in the entire history of the Grammy Awards, only five music artists have won Album of the Year more than once: U2Taylor SwiftFrank SinatraPaul Simon and Stevie Wonder. Since Adele has already won Album of the Year — for her album 21 — voters are likely to give someone else a chance, and Beyonce has never won this particular category.

Also working against Adele is the fact that her album came out all the way back in 2015, while Beyonce’s album, released in early 2016, feels fresher and more of a reflection of what’s happening in the world today.

Not only that, but critics liked Lemonade more than 25 — according to Metacritic, the site that aggregates all reviews, Lemonade got a 92 percent positive rating, versus 25’s 75 percent.

One Grammy voter tells Billboard, “The Grammys like to give album of the year to the person who really opened up a personal journal. Last time, that was Adele, but this time it was Beyoncé.”  

Another voter tells the publication, “I think a lot of people feel we’re overdue to really reward Beyoncé for her Beyoncé-ness.”

However, Adele is favored to win either Record or Song of the Year — or both — for “Hello.”  

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