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Will Smith unveils new trailer for upcoming film ‘Gemini Man’


ABC/Randy HolmesWill Smith is turning up the heat in a new trailer for his upcoming action-thriller Gemini Man.

Directed by Ang Lee, Smith stars as Henry Brogan, an elite assassin who learns his former employer has taken his DNA and created a clone who can kill him.

“Twenty-five years ago he took my blood. He made you from me,” Smith says to his clone in the new promo. “He’s been lying to you the whole time.”

Although both characters are played by Smith, CGI allows Smith to appear noticeably different and younger. In an Instagram post, Smith offers fans a behind-the-scenes video of how the process works.

“YOOOOO!,” he captions the video, which switches between the two versions of Smith. “The Technology is CRAZY! Ang Lee is Changin’ the Game. The movie comes out October 11. Can’t wait for y’all to see it.”

Then in another post, young Smith shares a fun video of himself, which is timestamped July 25, 1989. In the video, he advises his older self to make the new movie.

“So this is from myself 30 years in the future,” the young Smith says in the camera. “You should come back to Philly a lot, you know, visit people, but also you should do a movie called Gemini Man.”

Gemini Man, which also stars Clive Owen and Benedict Wong, is set to hit theaters October 11.

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