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Woman Keeps Collection of 3,000 Purses in Army Bunker


Ladies … Ever borrow a purse from a friend?

Well, you definitely want to find a way to #friend this woman from Pennsylvania who is a lover of all things #handbags #purses #clutches #wristlets #hobos and MORE!

Ilene Hochberg Wood has an envious collection of  3,000 handbags, all of which she keeps in bunker she bought from the Army.  The Philadelphia Inquirer describes it as an impenetrable, stainless steel bunker outfitted with electronic doors and alarm. 

Ms. Wood has so many purses that some of them have been featured in special art exhibits; they range in price from $10 to $100,000!! 

She told the publication:

“I collect handbags on every level. Not everyone can spend on handbags what it costs to buy a car or a house and I get it. … . My collection is about the democratization of fashion.”

A collection of her purses are part of an upcoming exhibition at the Historic Bethlehem Museums and Sites as part of the “PURSEonality: A Stylish Handbag History.” The exhibit runs through  April 30 … The first show dedicated to Wood’s massive collection.

(Photo: Shutterstock)

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