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You earned it fans: The Weeknd’s Starboy comic book has a release date


Image Group LA/ABCThe release date for The Weeknd‘s Marvel comic book, called The Weeknd Presents: Starboy – Vol. I – Issue 1, has been unveiled. 

You can finally expect to pick up your very own copy June 13, according to Marvel

As previously reported, the comic book will center around a fictional city called Alphatron, which is in the grip of a crime wave led by a villainous cannibal named Jack “The Chef” Smiley. 

Of course, The Weeknd, as the comic’s hero Starboy, will battle Smiley in order to hopefully save the day. 

The “Earned It” star is listed as co-writer of Starboy, which is based on the singer’s hit single of the same name. 

He announced the comic on Twitter before his appearance at New York Comic Con last year.  

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