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Kirk Franklin Reveals Major Financial Issue!


Kirk Franklin has had a very successful career in Gospel music, but despite the success there has been serious struggle. The “Wanna Be Happy” singer reveals that his Fo Yo Soul record label recently underwent a major financial challenge.

“Being a small business man, when you can’t pay payroll bills, you’ve got to pay it from your pocket,” he explained to Essence live. “And it was a month where a lot of bills hit at one time and it was really, really, really scary. It was embarrassing. It was hard. I started having anxiety attacks and feeling really out of control, and feeling really, really discouraged and defeated, and my wife was holding my hand, because she could tell I was bugging out.”

It was in the midst of this struggle that God begin to move. “God just dropped a song in my heart” Franklin said. “Sometimes, He’ll give me ideas for a song, or the melody, or the lyrics, but He dropped like a whole, complete song and I jumped from the table and ran to the piano, and the song is called ‘Intercession.’”

“Intercession” is available on Franklin’s album “Losing My Religion”

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