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Donnie McClurkin Goes Off On FOX News!!


Donnie McClurkin is hotter than fish grease at FOX News and it all has to do with Bill O’Reilly’s comments about slavery. The FOX News host said that slaves were “well fed” and had “decent lodgings” in response to First Lady Michelle Obama’s DNC speech last week in which she said that the White House was build by slaves.

O’Reilly’s comments set McClurkin off and he showed his frustration during a post on his social media site.

“Is this for real??? Slaves?????? How can a white man say black ‘slaves’ were ‘well fed’ and had ‘decent lodging’?? By whose standards????? Being a slave, period, makes any food and lodging oppressive!!”

He continued, “So, Mr. O’Reilly you’re saying the black slaves that were forced to build the White House ate the same food of the master and lived with and in the same type and quality of lodging as the white slave masters???

“How absolutely offensive to every African-American … but absolutely indicative of your heart and opinion of what is appropriate for African-Americans! Your platform has shown your racist opinion and lack of sensitivity!!

“We don’t need you to validate the statement made by our first lady, Michelle Obama. You’re not qualified to do so! We don’t need the racist jaded depiction of an arrogant bigot of how well ‘slaves’ had it building the [White House] by force and those who allow you to sit on their network and spew such insulting and racially demeaning opinions are just as despicable as yourself!

“I pray that you don’t think you speak for your race … or for the good of any race. There are millions of multicultural Americans that repudiate what you’ve said! There needs to be an apology (though your ego won’t allow you that integrity) or/and a petition to take you off the air!”

There has been no response from Bill O’Reilly or FOX News.

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