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Gospel Artist Le’Andria Johnson Reveals Drinking Problem And Jail Time!


Gospel artist Le’Andria Johnson is shaking the Gospel music industry to its core with the revelation that she has a drinking problem and has spent time in jail.

Johnson gave her “testimony” during a recent event and posted it on YouTube, she later issued a statement regarding the post.

“I am not perfect and will never be yet I am taking the necessary steps to change. If bashing me for being honest about my life is how the vlog and blog game is played then so be it. I will not pay anyone to not tell my truth! I owned it, I told it and I am taking step to change it!” she wrote in the statement. “I thought the vlog game was to call leaders out to tell the truth. Well I told the truth and still get bashed. So is the game really about leaders telling the truth or is the game to make money off posting about other peoples’ lives. Either way, I’m free and getting help for mine,” she ended.

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